Health, Environment and Safety (H.E.S.)

We understand how important trust is in a Contractor/Client relationship.  Our clients trust us to serve on their behalf ethically and responsibly.  Our clients also value the relationship we build with them and recognize our commitment to safety, quality, budget and schedule.

AC2522 W&S Safety Sign

We have had the privilege of building Business Partner relationships with companies such as Chevron, Aera Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric and Roll Global, all enterprises on the cutting edge of safety. While working with these firms, our safety program has grown and expanded, taking on a more proactive, hands-on approach to safety. We have a dedicated, full-time HES Manager on staff to oversee our field operations and assist us to our goal of Zero Accidents. In addition to our in-house safety staff, we also work in conjunction with California Safety Training Corporation (CSTC) to maintain our written safety programs, employee safety training and periodic workplace inspections, ensuring ongoing compliance with state and federal safety standards.  We have also established an in-house safety committee to promote and maintain a safe work environment for all staff and workers through periodic open forum discussions of safety issues and mitigation techniques.

Our goal is to promote and maintain safe work practices for our staff and all persons present on Wallace & Smith projects.  Sending workers home safely to their families after an incident-free day on the job is our primary objective.